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Goa beaches are famous in india for holiday destination, Goa Tourism & Travels is truly a traveler’s paradise. A perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, This tourist place has got everything – sea, sand, seafood, architecture, natural wonders, mystic and spirituality. In the recent few years, beaches has gained tremendous popularity as a travel destination for not one but various reasons. Tourists who once visited for the pristine beaches and the rejuvenating vibes now visit for more than that – they visit to have a memorable, complete vacation experience.

Goa Tour & Travels holds a special place in people’s hearts. People of all age groups love visiting Goa, for this smallest state in the country is power packed. It hosts some of the most adventurous sports like scuba diving, surfing, parasailing and canyoning, to some unique yet thrilling new activities like hot air ballooning and ocean trekking. The food here is popular worldwide, and so is the hippie party culture. It is also a home to a number of ancient forts in goa and churches built by the Portuguese, while also sporting a national park and a wildlife sanctuary for the nature lovers – you can say a tourist place with pocket-sized heaven in india.

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