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7 unseen places in Goa which make it worth missing the beach

Be it your first time or the twenty-first time in Goa, Beach Destinations in Goa India,  it never fails to amaze you, or for that matter, relax you… But if one part of the crowd is relaxed by the party life and lying on the beach, there is another part of the crowd who finds relaxation in being one with nature and enjoying the scenic beauty in Goa and greenery which the state has to offer.

Right from breath-taking view of waterfalls, to the excitement of spotting a deer in wildlife sanctuaries, here is a list of places which will make you happy that you took a detour from the beaches of Goa and made plans to explore these unseen places in Goa.


With 240 kms of dense forest covers and the most diverse varieties of animals and birds, the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa. A paradise for nature lovers and bird-watchers, you can also see the famous Duudhsagar Falls, Goa’s largest waterfall and India’s fifth largest waterfall, from here. Catch a glimpse of leopards, Indian Bison, Deer, Elephants and King Cobras, along with many different types of birds and butterflies.



Located near the Karnataka border, 2 kms southwest of Tambdi Surla, the Tambdi Falls is another natural wonder of Goa. For those who are willing to trek a little to reach to these falls, it is one of the least visited places in Goa, due to its rocky, steep and winding path. However, for those who do, they are rewarded by one of the most scenic sights imaginable. A word of caution, hiring a local guide to reach here is necessary.



Now here is something exciting for those who like mysterious things. The Bubbling Lake at Netravali is a naturally occurring unexplained phenomenon. Getting its name from ‘budbud’ meaning bubbles in Konkani, the lake constantly has bubbles surfacing above from its bottom. What’s even more interesting is that the bubbles respond to vibrations and rise rapidly if you clap or jump near the lake or do anything to produce vibrations.



Well! Animal Safaris are great, but how about a Crocodile Safari? That is exactly what Cumbarjua Canal is famous for. Joining the Zuari River and Mandovi River, the backwaters of the Cumbarjua canal are a beautiful sight, with lush green trees and plants on either side. This place is a must-visit place in Goa for bird-watchers, with many different varieties of birds visiting and staying in this area, away from the sea side. If you plan your trip sometime around the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, you may also experience the annual Sangodd or the Boat Festival.



For those who are inspired by mythology, the Harvalem Caves (more popularly known as the Pandava Caves) is supposed to be the place where the Pandavas sought refuge during their exile. This point is supported by the fact that there are 5 compartments and Shivlingas in the caves. However, there is also a statue of Buddha near the place, which points towards Buddhist origins. Combining the trip to these caves with the Rudreshwar Temple and the Harvalem Waterfalls, this place is definitely one of the best places to visit in Goa.



Chorla Ghats definitely top the list of best places to visit Goa during monsoons! When the seashore gets closed with the arrival of the rains, the ghats located on the western side, near Maharashtra and Karnataka, come alive with an amazing landscape and unforgettable scenery. Full of lush green trees covering both the sides of an endless road, full of twists and turns, it is a biker’s paradise; probably the best way to unwind and relax in the laps of nature.



Another must-visit place in Goa for the thrill-seeker, Pequeno Island, also known as the bat island, is located just a kilometer away from Baina beach of Vasco-da-Gama. Famous for its adventure sports and snorkeling experience, this rocky beach gives the experience of a lifetime. The island is surrounded by coral reef, which you get to experience while snorkeling alongside the butterfly fish, snappers, sea cucumbers, lobsters, trigger fish and many more. Or you could just go for a nice calm boat ride and enjoy the depths of the sea. The choice remains yours.


Beach Destinations in Goa India, So there you have it. If you ever felt that Goa is all about just the parties and beaches, do try to visit these places and you’ll be surprised at how much of Goa remains to be explored. Or better yet, you could hire someone who can show you the best view of Goa, while taking care of all your comforts and travelling. In a way, no matter how many times you plan a trip to Goa, the place will always have something new to offer. Trust us.