The magnificent beaches in Goa have been the prime reason of attraction for tourists. It has become a hub for tourists from all over the world. In the recent few years, Goa has developed a wide range of things to do in Goa and all of these activities are unique. There are thrilling activities like scuba diving, zip lining, parasailing and canyoning to some laid back, leisure activities like sailing, ocean trekking and hot air ballooning.
These activities are the newest reasons for attracting thousands of tourists of all age groups. Goa today is like a complete package: pristine beaches, amazing sea food, wide range of thrilling adventure sports, the popular nightlife and so on. Talking about activities in Goa, there have been quite a few additions to the list; Zip lining being one them. Although zip lining is relatively new in Goa, it has been a popular adventure sport amongst the tourists.

What is zip lining?

A zip line or zip-line, or zip wire, consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope. It is designed to enable cargo or a person propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to or being attached to the freely moving pulley. Zip lining is not confined to be an adventure sport; it is more commonly used as a mode of transport in hilly areas. Although considering the current trends, it is more popular amongst the tourists as an adventure sport. In Goa, zip lining is mostly carried out in forest areas. Other activities which are carried out parallel to zip lining are Burma Bridge, Monking Bridge, and Commando Bridge.

What is zip lining?

Places to visit for zip lining

Zip lining in Goa is not as popular as the other activities; and can be found only in a few selected places in Goa.In the recent few years, Goa has developed a wide range of things to do in Goa. Here’s a list of places where one can find zip lining in Goa.


Dharbandora is a small place in South Goa. It is the longest zip lining course in Goa, ranging from 1 flight to 13 flights. The 1 flight activity involves the participant undertaking various adventure activities before the zip lining flight such as Rope course, Burma Bridge.The multiple i.e. 13 flights is a more rigorous but nevertheless fun routine which involves tree climbing, rope walking, net walking all interspersed with zip lining.

Krilapal village

This is another location in South Goa where one can experience zip lining in Goa. The zip lining sessions here lasts for about an hour.

Prices for zip lining in Goa

The prices for zip lining in Goa are completely dependent on the facility/institute offering these services, and may vary. These prices are expected to hike during the peak season in Goa which is from October to March.

  • The average price for zip lining in Goa is Rs. 500 per person.
  • Zip lining sessions are booked in slots.
  • There are time slots available throughout the day.
  • These prices are exclusive of any rental equipment.
  • Zip lining in Dharbandora is also available as a full day activity which involves rigorous trekking and mountain climbing.
  • Zip lining can be done as an individual activity or a group activity.

Making the plan

Zip lining is not a common sport, and very few of them are aware of it. There are a certain things to keep in mind before you sign up for zip lining in Goa.

  • Zip lining requires a minimum level of fitness.
  • The facility offers a guide/instructor who guides you through the process. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully to avoid any injuries.
  • Inform your instructor of any allergies or fear before the zip lining session.
  • There are a few clothing requirement for zip lining. Ask your instructor or it before your sessions.
  • The basic zip lining is comparatively easier. The advanced levels of zip lining are quite thrilling and requires immense balancing and physical fitness.
  • Children below age 5 and people weighing above 100 kg cannot participate in this activity.
  • Do not indulge in drinking before or during the session.

Goa is full of amazing and thrilling activities and there are still a lot of activities which tourists are still not aware of. Zip lining, for instance is a very uncommon yet thrilling activity and most certainly a memorable activity to do in Goa. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Goa, and looking to indulge in some of the most unique and thrilling activities, we can help you plan your vacation in Goa and help you find the most enthralling things to do.