Experience ATV Ride

We all know how Goa has been a magnet for attracting thousands of tourists all year round. In the past few years, it has become a booming hub for numerous activities like scuba diving, trekking and hot air ballooning. Goa is also wildly popular as a home to the most thrilling adventure sports in India. Adventure seekers from all around the globe have been visiting Goa for its wide range of available adventure sports. A few activities which top the list amongst these are parasailing, canyoning, ocean trekking, quad biking, cycling throughout the city and many more.
Quad biking has been an old adventure sport in Goa, and it has its own reasons for being a popular choice amongst the people. Riding a monster bike on different types of tracks surely supplements your adrenaline rush.

Quad biking in Goa

A quad bike, as the name suggests is a bike with four wheels. Anyone can ride this bike since it has automatic gears. A quad bike is an intermediary between a bike and a car, and hence sports a monster look. A quad bike can accommodate up to 2 people. These are specially designed quad bikes which fall under the category of off-road vehicles. One can enjoy riding such a monster bike on various beaches in Goa. Quad bikes are also popular in Goa by the name ATV (All Terrain Vehicles.)

Quad biking in Goa

Places for quad biking in Goa

Mandrem beach is the place for quad biking in Goa. There is an all-terrain-camp at Mandrem beach near Ashwem, in North Goa. Ashwem beach is an isolated beach and thus is perfect for such thrilling activities.
There are dedicated tracks for quad biking at this place. One of these tracks is made to look like a jungle, to give an off-road feel while riding. While the other track consists of climbs and small mountains, thus giving justice to the all-terrain vehicle. A few of these tracks also include a few portions of the sands from the beach.

Prices for quad biking in Goa

Quad biking or ATV rides have been in Goa for a while now, even though it has been gaining popularity in the recent few years. The prices for this activity is usually the same all year round, but can be expected to rise during the peak season in Goa from December to February.

  • The average price for quad biking in Goa is Rs. 600 per person.
  • The price is inclusive of accessories like helmet, gloves, a jacket, a protector, safety kit etc.
  • The management also clicks a few pictures for you, completely complimentary.
  • This activity can be availed as an individual activity or group activity.
  • A quad bike ride usually lasts for about an hour.
  • The rides are available in forms of slots all day long. One can book any available slot throughout the day as per his convenience.

Making the plan

Quad biking is an extremely thrilling and adventurous sport, and since not everyone is acquainted with riding off-road bikes, there are a few things to keep in mind before signing up for such a sport.

  • The management usually consists of instructors and guides who will guide you through the entire process of riding an ATV.
  • The guide will teach you everything from how to ride an ATV to all the do’s and don’ts while riding on an uneven surface.
  • Make sure you listen to all of his instructions to avoid any possible injuries.
  • Instruct your instructor about any fear or allergies you might have before starting your ride.
  • Make sure you wear all the accessories given by the management and handle them with utmost care.
  • ATV riding requires a minimum level of physical fitness.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes like a jeans and a T-shirt for the ride.
  • Do not try to perform any stunt while riding.
  • Do not indulge in drinking before or during the activity.

There are lot of such amazing and thrilling activities to do in Goa. A lot of people are now recognizing Goa as a hub for such new, thrilling adventure sports in India. And while you’re in Goa, make sure you experience such an activity for these are some of the most memorable experiences to have. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Goa, and planning for some thrilling activities like quad biking, contact us to know more about the details and we can help you plan your vacation in Goa right from the resorts to the restaurants.