Goa. This small state has abundance of natural beauty, and that is why it is one of the most popular destinations in India. The magnificent beaches and the thrilling adventure sports in Goa has attracted thousands of tourists till date. Goa is a hub for all the adventure sports in India right from parasailing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling to canyoning, rafting, cycling and trekking.
Trekking in Goa is one of the most underrated and unexplored adventure sport in Goa. Goa has beautiful mountains, the wilderness of forests and even wildlife sanctuaries. If you’re looking for some unique adventure sport in Goa, you should definitely try the Ocean Treks. It is one of the most thrilling adventure sports, and even though it is underrated, it has been gaining remarkable attention in the recent few years, due to its convenience and less exhausting nature of activity.

What is an Ocean Trek?

The ocean trek in Goa is a complete journey where you can admire the magnificent Arabian Sea and traverse the high hills, enjoying the natural beauty of the Goa. These ocean treks are a different experience of exploring the shores of Goa. It is essentially a walk on the mountains along the ocean. Walking through the lush greenery on the mountains, while the sweet sound of the ocean accompanies you, is together a unique experience in itself.

What is an Ocean Trek?

Places to go for ocean trekking in Goa

There are two distinct places to go for an ocean trek in Goa. The first one is called as the Neuti ocean trek, situated on the Neuti beach, and the second one called as the Ocean Trek Arambol, situated in Arambol.

Neuti ocean trek

The Neuti beach is situated in the state capital, Panjim. The ocean trek begins early morning at Porvorim in Goa, and ends at the pristine Neuti beach. On reaching there, the entire day is at leisure. One of the most popular attractions near the Neuti beach is the historic Neuti fort. If you’re visiting Neuti beach, make sure you visit this amazing fort as well.
The return journey begins in the afternoon, and reaches back to Porvorim in the evening.

Ocean trek Arambol

This trek starts from the grassy Paliem plateau, and follows a perennial stream down to the Arambol beach famous for its freshwater lake just a few meters away from the ocean.
Another popular attraction nearby is Goa’s northernmost and least commercialized beach named Keri. Make sure you visit this beach while on this trek.

Prices for ocean trek in Goa

Before booking your spot for an ocean trek in Goa, know that this is a group activity, so a minimum of 6 people are required for this trek. The prices for this trek are completely dependent on the institutes offering these services, and even though they charge approximately the same amount, it may observe a hike during the peak tourist season in Goa.

  • The ocean trek is a full day activity.
  • The approximate charges for an ocean trek in Goa is Rs. 1500 – Rs. 2000 per person.
  • These charges are inclusive of a group instructor/guide.
  • Transportation from one point to other (during the trek) is provided by them.
  • Maximum of 45 people can accompany in one tour.

Making the plans

Trekking is a group activity, and here in Goa, a minimum of 6 people are required for a trek. While trekking doesn’t require any special equipment, there is no requirement for any rentals. But there are a few things everybody should check before signing up for an ocean trek.

  • The institute provides you with an instructor throughout your ocean trek. While the instructor takes care of all the management, make sure you follow all his instructions for a carefree experience.
  • Inform your instructor about any allergies or medical conditions prior to the trek.
  • A minimum level of outdoor fitness is required for trekking.
  • There are a few clothing requirements for the ocean trek which you will be notified by the instructor prior to the trek. Make sure you have it all.
  • Carry water bottles along with you.
  • Avoid carrying any valuables with you during the trek.
  • Do not indulge in drinking before or during the trek.

Ocean trekking although is quite similar to conventional trekking, requires a minimum level of fitness as it involves climbing a mountain and hiking through a forest. But excluding that, even though an ocean trek is an adventure sport, it is less exhausting and easier as compared to other adventure sports in Goa like river rafting, and can be done by people of all age groups. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have.If you’re planning for a vacation in Goa and looking to do some unique and underrated adventures, we can help you make an informed and optimized plan.