Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome of the official website page of Goa.Biz. Goa.Biz is a leading travel information source that renders varied services such as travel recommendations, accommodation details in the area, detailed information about activities and so on. All the services that Goa.Biz offers to the users are conditioned by certain terms and condition. The availing of our services in form is a subject of acceptance of all these terms and condition. Thus, we request all the users to refer them beforehand as it contains information about your rights and limitations as a consumer.

We anticipate that as you are using our services, we are aware of our terms of services and agree upon them. Non-acceptance of the terms and conditions may lead to service denial at any point in time. You shall also understand that we reserve all the rights to do service denial upon finding any infringes or disregards towards these terms and conditions.

All the copyrights of all these terms and conditions are reserved to Goa.Biz only. It is also to be noticed here that we may change/alter any terms and conditions based upon our business needs at any point of time without any prior notice. In case of any future changes in terms and conditions made herein, you shall understand that you need to continue with our services based upon the revised version of the terms and condition.

If you any disagreement with our terms and conditions then you have all the power to restrict yourself using our services. Any request made to make changes or alteration of any sort in our terms and conditions will not be entertained at any cost.

The purpose of our services

The sole purpose of our travel services is to help our customer plan their tour to Goa with all the information readily available. We came into being with a motto to assist our customer to gather, comply, and implement all the travel and accommodation-related information in an advanced manner.

We also help the travel and tourism service providers to reach you ours easily. With our integrated platform, they can offer customized travel packages and stimulate their business growth.

Use of our travel services

As a conditioned user of Goa.Biz, you shall understand that:

  • All the information available over the platform is for reference purpose only.
  • Every piece of information is genuine, accurate, and current. However, you may find some change in prices depending upon the time period of the travel.
  • You are a user of eligible age i.e. above 13 years old.

In order to avail some of our conditioned services, you need to a royal member of Goa.Biz family. To be one, you need to create an account on our website. It is suggested that you should provide only accurate and complete information. Any service failure because of false or incomplete information is not the responsibility of Goa.Biz.

All the travel and hospitality service providers that are creating an account on our website for commercial purposes are suggested to provide efficient evidence regarding the organization. We may also ask for legal evidence to prove your legitimacy. To avail our services, all the corporate houses should meet all these requirements.

Third-party links

While you are using our services, you may come across with some third-party links or contents. They are part of our operations and hold the right to contact you regarding the offering. You shall understand that the use of third-party apps/sites/content based upon your sole discretion.

Though the third-party links are safe enough as we don’t join hands with any crooks, it is also suggested to do proper investigation before you start using any of our third-party links/apps/content. We shall not be held liable for any loss incurred because of the use of third-party links. Any link with the third party apps is at your own risk

Change of prices and services

All the prices that are displayed on our websites are based upon the service providers’ inputs and quotation. Goa.Biz is not responsible for any sudden change in prices. However, once booked, the prices of the services will be the same. You shall understand that Goa.Biz has all the rights reserved to change the services prices and any point of time without giving any prior notice.

Some of the prices are exclusive of the taxes. Hence, we suggest you inquire about the taxes and any hidden charges with the service provider only. We are not liable to pay any hidden and extra charges from your behalf.

Restrictions and implication on the user

The content/information/text/info graphics and any other media content posted on our website come with copyright and license of Goa.Biz. Though you are a valuable customer for you, our use of services comes with certain restriction. As a user, you are not allowed to:

  • Alter, modify, use, publish, copy and broadcast any our content, media, package details, travel information and any other test to other platforms. In case, we reported any such activity done by our hands, we can dismiss our services to you for once and all followed by some appropriate legal actions.
  • Use our website for any inappropriate practice such as spreading communal hate, using abusive language or defame any individual or service provider
  • Re-frame or mold any of our content.
  • Introduce any of the malware such as viruses, Trojan, and any other similar hazardous elements.
  • Violate our terms and condition policies.
  • Steal any personal information from the website.
  • Decompile or modify any of the software integration of the website.

You shall understand that Goa.Biz can dismiss your services and file a legal suit against you if you infringe/trespass any of these conditions.

The dependability of our website

The website of Goa.Biz has been designed with full conviction and launched after proper testing. Thus, it is safe to use in all respects. However, we shall not be held responsible for any loss incurred due to the incompetence of your internet connection.

We suggested you take proper security or antivirus assistance to safeguard yourself from the attack of any malicious element such as a virus, Trojan and so on. If the presence of any these elements leads to the transaction failure of money loss then we shall not be held responsible.

Use of our booking services

Goa.Biz brings the varied travel information over a single platform for easy travel planning while you are booking any third party services with us, you shall understand that acceptance of our terms and condition, privacy policy, and any such policy is a must.

You shall further agree upon the fact that any false or fake reservation will lead to the account ceasing and service denial. Any changes post the reservation is subjected to the rules of your terms and conditions and only be entertained if it has been made as per our guidelines.

In case of any disparities between the reservation made and services offered, Goa.Biz will take proper steps to resolve the issues. However, you shall understand that we are not liable for the action that the service will meet your expectations as each customer has different expectations. At any point in time, you hold the rights to cancel your reservation. The refund issued will be total as per our guidelines and policies.