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Goa.Biz is a traveling information resource that offers reliable, real-time and data-driven travel information to its customers. As we are totally self-driven to provide best of all information, we also welcome the reviews of other travelers.

If you are a wanderlust soul and love to share your traveling experiences with others then Goa.Biz is the ideal place. You can join hands with us by writing real-time reviews of places and activities. However, while doing so, you need to bind yourself a little with our review rules of goa.

We only entertain real and non-commercial review

The prime motto of Goa.Biz is to offer the right information to the users and help them plan their vacations intelligently. That is why we are open only for real reviews. While you are writing reviews for us, make sure is totally based upon your experiences only.

In addition, make sure the content in totally non-commercialized. We don’t entertain any third party links and content done for promotional purposes only

It should be relevant

You shall understand that the reader may plan his/her travel based upon your reviews. Thus, it is your duty to make it relevant and genuine. We request all our reviews not to promote any business and travel service in reviews. If we find that the review is for promotional purposes only then Goa.Biz holds all the rights to permanently delete that particular and debar the reviewer as well. No request in this context will be entertained.

Original and plagiarism free

You shall understand that the review rules of goa should be an original piece of work. We have strict plagiarism policy and every review has to pass through it before posting. If our back end team found any plagiarised content then it will be removed without any prior notification to the reviewer. Thus, we request all your reviewers to check for the quality of the content before the final submission.

Unbiased and fair-minded

You shall understand that your review should be unbiased advice and must be written with fair-mind only. Use of any foul language it totally prohibited at Goa.Biz. Reviews with the use of inappropriate language and any threatening will not publish.

Goa.Biz requests all the reviews and contributors to stick by these reviews rules while working with us. You shall understand that we hold all the right to deny the posting of review that infringes with all these review policies. Furthermore, we may take strict actions against the reviewer for this action.