Privacy and Cookie Policies

Goa.Biz is an online travel information resource that delivers dependable and real-time travel recommendation about Goa. While you conduct our operation, you shall understand that we may ask you a certain set of information from the end-users.

You shall also comprehend with the fact the reading about the privacy and cookies policies in prior is always suggests before you start using/availing any of our services or website. This is a thing to be noted that all these privacy and cookies policies portray our mode of conduct and we, Goa.Biz holds all the rights to change/modify/alter them at any point of time without being any prior notice. Thus, it is suggested that a user should be well informed about any latest updates.

The scope of privacy and cookies polic

This privacy and cookies policy help you understand a part of our operation via which we gather some of your personal and professional information. This set of privacy and cookies policies will help you be aware of our motto is doing so and the use of all the details.

Privacy Policy – An Overview

Goa.Biz may collect a part of your personal and professional information such as name, DOB, email address, location, and correspondence details. All this information has been collected to offer you a more customized and accurate search result. In addition, we ask for your travel and meal preferences while you chose us to plan your travel.

In case, you are making some reservation and bookings via Goa.Biz then you shall provide billing details such as bank name, account numbers and card details to process with the transaction. Here, you should know the fact well that we don’t store any of your bank passwords details permanently.

We request you to provide us only accurate information as any wrong detail may lead to transaction or booking failure. We shall not be held liable for any loss incurred due to improper or wrong information. You shall understand that you hold all the rights to deny offering personal information. However, in some cases, it may restrict your use of our services.

With whom we may share your information

We may share the whole or a part of your personal/billing details with our third-party resource. You shall be aware of the fact that all these third-party resources are our business associates and works closely with us to offer customized travel experience.

Cookies policies - An overview

Cookie refers to a small data set that contains a unique identifier sent from our website to your data-driven device. The only purpose of sending or using cookies is to reduce the efforts to make several logins and remember the search preferences. Goa.Biz also does the same for its website users. In general, we use the first-party cookie, third-party cookies, and session cookies.

We use cookies to recognize your device and remember your user name and password for future purposes. It is also an important tool to remember your search preference and offers you quick result results. However, you can prevent us gather all this information by changing your cookies settings on the browser.