Here’s a topic which can pop up all ears. The relation of Goa with ‘Goa Drinks’ is one of the oldest ones, probably since the times of Portuguese rule in Goa. The party capital of India, with its sandy beaches and endless parties paints the perfect picture with a goa drink in hand. Relax with a chilled beer on one of the beaches of Goa, or order an amazing cocktail at one of the clubs; the availability of foreign and IMFL drinks in Goa is just an endless list. The best part is how both foreign and local goa drinks in Goa are available for the choosy ones. Even if you have your own choice of whiskey, tequila or rum, or if you feel you want to explore the choice of drinks in Goa, you can be assured that Goa won’t disappoint you.
It’s not that only the alcoholics have the thrill of exploring new and familiar drinks. There is also an exciting list of drinks for teetotalers in Goa. Be it the roadside stall of a refreshing sweet or salty lemon soda, or the Sol Kadhi that accompanies a fish-curry rice in hotels, drinking in Goa can mean different types of enjoyment to different people.
So where to begin? Here is a list of drinks in Goa which you can just start ticking away from your bucket list during your vacation in Goa, if you’ve already not done it.

The most famous drink of Goa, Feni can be called as the gift of the Portuguese to the Goans. Made from cashew nut or the coconut palm sap, the drink is distilled twice and has more than 30% alcohol level. Feni is served in all the different eateries, from shacks on beaches, to five-star restaurants in Goa. Feni Colada, Feni Mojito, Sol de Orange, Feni Highball, etc. You have a variety to choose from. Or another amazing combination one can try out is Feni with lemonade.


If you’re a beer fan, then it might be a great experience to try out Goa’s own King’s Black Label Premium pilsner for a change. Brewed from maize and having 4% alcohol, this beer is made and sold only in Goa. It goes great with the authentic Goan sea-food.

King’s Beer

Now here’s a winner! The spice liqueur is another one of the marks left behind by the Portuguese. It is the winner of the Gold outstanding medal at the International Wine and Spirit competition and definitely worth trying at least once during your trip to Goa.


If you’re planning a trip to Goa during summers, then you are definitely in for a treat. Urrak is the first distilled extraction from the cashew, the second distillation, which turns it to Feni. Distilled by the local population in the rural villages in Goa, the drink is completely natural and has a very short shelf life.


Red wine, White wine, Rose wine or Sparkling wine, Sula ranks amongst one of the best Indian wines and you can definitely try it out at one of the restaurants in Goa. The finest of the lot, the Rasa Shiraz is a must-try when in Goa.

Sula Wine

Another contribution of the Portuguese, the Vinho do porto, or Port wine was the first wine produced in India. Usually served as a dessert wine, the wine is known for its tantalizing sweet flavor.

Port Wine

One of the best that India has to offer from its house of wines is the Desmondji Spirits and Liqueur Collection. Especially their signature 51% Oak finished Agave Gold and the stronger, 100% Agave are a must try, though the 100% might be a bit too strong for a beginner. Made from the Agave plant, just like tequila, the spirit can be added in cocktails or sipped and savored.


Maade from rich, hand-picked Indian barley from the foothills of the Himalayas, Amrut is single-malt whiskey and has a very rich flavor to it.


Something to accompany the famous fish-curry, or even the other seafood preparations of Goa, Sol Kadhi is a great drink to have after meals. Made from coconut milk and Kokum, it is well-known for its digestive properties and refreshing bittersweet taste.

Sol Kadhi

Kokum is a well-known refreshing drink found in stalls and shacks in Goa. Apart from having rich medicinal value, its sher

Kokum Juice

A chilled glass of lemon soda on a bright sunny day is just the way to go. The most-loved drink in Goa and across India, you can never go wrong with the tastiest non-alcoholic drink, while on the beach.

Lime Soda – sweet & salty

Sold by local vendors on the beach, or in shacks, the naturally refreshing coconut water is the best drink to have when feeling thirsty. Loved by all, it is one of the best natural drinks in Goa, devoid of any artificial flavor or taste.

Coconut Water

Though these are some of the most common drinks found in Goa, restaurants and hotels also provide you with a lot of signature drinks from their own collection. However, one thing to remember while enjoying the drinks is not to overdo it and to drink responsibly. After all, the whole point of catching a drink with your friends and loved one sin Goa is to have fun, isn’t it?