Disclaimer and User Policies

This set of disclaimer and user policies refers to the subject to be which we are liable. You shall understand that any incurred due to any other reason stated in this disclaimer are not our responsibility. Hence, we request you to read the disclaimer thoroughly before start using the website.

General Disclaimer

To the extent permitted by the law and defined by your term of services, neither the officials of Goa.Biz nor any of its employees are liable for any direct, indirect, circumstantial, or punitive damage/loss/harm caused because of using the website and services. You shall understand that the use of our website is totally a conscious decision made by the user. Hence, the loss incurred out of our territory is not our liability.

We shall not be held responsible for any loss happened because of the use of any third party link usage of any other advertisers. However, in case of failed transactions, a user will get a full refund if the issue was at our end.

We shall not be liable for any last time change in the travel plan. Any changes made by the customers will be charged per our fare change policies. We shall not be liable to provide refunds in case of non-refundable packages.

Though all the travel recommendation present on Goa.Biz is based on the data and market research, we shall not b held responsible for any dissatisfaction raised at the live locations. Our role is limited and restricted is to offer recommendations. The final booking decision is based upon the end user’s sole discretion only.

User Policy

Though our website is available for universal use, we request you to meet with our user policies implications that define the code of conduct of any user. Being the market leader of offering relevant and real-time travel resource information about Goa, Goa.Biz request all the users to be aware of our user policies:

  • You are not allowed to post any illegal, racist, communal, and abusive content on our website.
  • The use of the website is for reference purpose only. You are not allowed to infringe with any of its content and altered it for promotional/marketing purposes.
  • All the content available on Goa.Biz’ website referring as images, articles, videos as soon are the sole property of Goa.Biz. You are not allowed to use it inappropriately or at any other platform. If such a case ever gets into notice then we reserve all the rights to take proper legal action against the culprit.