What is best time to visit Goa?

Mid-November to Mid-February

Winter season is best for Goa. After Monsoon season, weather cools down and it is perfect time for Goa excursion. April, May is not good time as weather is hot and humid. Monsoon starts in June and extends to September.

Goa wather has three types of seasons, ​Summer ​( March, April, May, October ), Monsoon ​( June, July, August, September ) and ​Winter ​( November, December, January, February )

baga beach

Winter Season​ ( November, December, January, February )

Winter season is the extreme season of goa. Many events are available to book on beaches and hotels. Every side of goa is well decorated and goa is fully ready to hug you with drinks, DJ and dance.

Goa ​hotels​​ and ​resorts ​are full, so book your ticket early if you are planning for a goa tour inthe winter season.


Minimum: 20 °C
Maximum: 32 °C

Arambol Beach

Monsoon Season ( June, July, August, September )

Monsoon season​ is rainy so beach and sand are not perfect to chill out but if you are looking for a relaxed and budgeted holiday this time is best for goa tour. Huge discounts on rates, No crowd, no noise and three or four hours of sun. Beaches are mostly free this time and people avoid watersports as it is not safe.

Rain and storms are amazing to enjoy dramatically and beaches are available only for you most of the time as tourists avoid Monsoon season tours. You can enjoy paddy fields and the local side of Goa.

Biking ​in the rainy season is an amazing experience of goa with friends drenched in water. There is a lot of greenery this time as goa gets a lot rain during monsoon season.

Hotel booking is lower than the winter season and easily available.


Minimum: 24 °C
Maximum: 30 °C

Goa Beach

Summer Season ​( March, April, May, October )

Summer season​ is hot season and temperature is very high up to 40 °C which is low in the morning and evening. You can enjoy watersports in summer-like scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing. Summer season is best for students and budget holidaymakers as many ​offers ​are available on food and hotel rates.

You can sip a cold beer in shades on the beachside and enjoy the breeze flow for the sea.Water is cool enough to beat the heat.

Konkan fruit festival takes place around April and May and you can enjoy water lemon, cashews, jackfruits, etc.

During this season as the hotel rates are relatively low and you can find hotels in your budget.


Minimum : 30 °C
Maximum : 40 °C